Get Into Rugby 7s

What is Get Into Rugby 7s?

Rugby is now an Olympic sport and 7-a-side Rugby will be played at the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games. Because 7s is played on a full-sized pitch but with only half the normal number of players (7 against 7, instead of 15 against 15), there is a large amount of space to run in. This makes it a very fast and exciting variation of the 15-a-side Game.

Because it is so physically demanding, the Game is played for 7 minutes per half, although normally, in the final match, there are 10 minutes in each half.

7s is easy to play and a great way for less experienced players to start playing in matches against other teams. To help show how much fun and how easy it is to set up a 7s match,

view some video clips from the HSBC Sevens World Series.

Also check out the Laws of 7s:

Sevens Laws

Where next?

When you have finished the Try and Play areas of the website, you may be ready to create a team that will play regularly throughout the season.

Presumably, you have a squad of players and a place to play. You now need to think about growing the squad and when this happens how will you cope with the increased number of players? How will you keep the players interested in Rugby?

In short, the answer is:

  • By increasing the number of challenges the players face
  • By getting others to help you achieve this

7 steps to running a GIR 7-a-side team

Download a handy guide to running a 7-a-side team


7-a-side team line-up