Values of Rugby - Level 1

It is of paramount importance that the ethos of the Game is maintained by teaching young people coming into Rugby the values which have made the sport unique.

Therefore, it is advisable that those involved in teaching and playing the Game should operate within a code of conduct which should be agreed and signed up to by those concerned.

What does this mean for players? Here are some key points all players should agree to keep in mind at all time:

  • Everyone in your team and in the team playing against you are playing for fun!
  • Make sure you know the Laws of the game before you play and stick to them.
  • Never argue with the referee.
  • Encourage people who make mistakes - no one is perfect, not even you!
  • A good team will have everyone pulling together - not just a couple of star players.
  • Clap a good piece of play even if it is by the other team.
  • Clap the other team off the field at the end of the game.
  • Shake hands with the other team and the referee at the end of the game - you have shared a tough battle!

A team that plays by these rules - thereby embracing courage, loyalty, sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork - is certain to enjoy its Rugby.

Apart from the playing of the Game and its ancillary support, Rugby embraces a number of social and emotional concepts such as courage, loyalty, sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork. What this Charter does is to give the game a checklist against which the mode of play and behaviour can be assessed. The objective is to ensure that Rugby maintains its unique character both on and off the field.

Rugby’s values always have been: the pleasure of participating; the courage and skill which the Game demands; the love of a team sport that enriches the lives of all involved; and the lifelong friendships forged through a shared interest in the Game.

It is because of, not despite, Rugby’s intensely physical and athletic characteristics that such great camaraderie exists before and after matches. The long-standing tradition of players from competing teams enjoying each other’s company away from the pitch and in a social context remains at the very core of the Game.

Rugby has fully embraced the professional era, but has retained the ethos and traditions of the recreational Game. In an age in which many traditional sporting qualities are being diluted or even challenged, Rugby is rightly proud of its ability to retain high standards of sportsmanship, ethical behaviour and fair play.

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